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Forest Lodge Garden Centre for great value and garden inspiration


  • Prune roses, apples, pears and deciduous shrubs. This is important as it stops “wind rock” at this time of year. A good quality pair of secateurs will give the cleanest cut to protect your plants and give many years of faithful service.
  • Protect tender plants which cannot be moved, by insulating them with horticultural frost fleece straw, bracken etc.
  • Conditions on mild days are still ideal for planting new hedges such as beech, hawthorn, privet and laurel.
  • Dig up and divide established plants, which are now overcrowded, and re-plant.
  • Harvest, and store late varieties of apples and pears.
  • Fruit trees and bushes - once all leaves have dropped, apply a winter wash to control pests and attach grease bands if you haven’t already.
  • Check stored vegetables to make sure that they are well spaced and dry throwing out any that are rotting.
  • Provide food and water for garden birds.
  • Drain stone fountains etc so that freezing conditions are less likely to damage them.
  • Don’t forget to check our extensive range of spring bulbs there is still time to plant them.
  • Plan and plant your winter bedding schemes. We have a wide range of pansies and violas as well as small evergreen shrubs for planting cheerful winter pots.
Forest Lodge Garden Centre is part of a family business, which includes Birdworld and Garden Style