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Forest Lodge Garden Centre for great value and garden inspiration


Our Aim - In all areas of our company, we do everything practical to operate in an environmentally sustainable way. As such, our aim is that all of the activities we carry out cause the least negative impact possible to the environment.  Some of the activities we carry out are as follow:

Recycling - All of our waste material and bi-products are separated and recycled wherever possible. This includes paper, cardboard, plastics, metal, wood, ink cartridges, plant pots, cooking oil and many more items. To facilitate this further, we have invested in machinery to compact and bale bulk materials so that they are suitable for collection by recycling companies.

Composting - We have set aside compost areas in our garden centre for suitable waste from across the company, and our gardeners use this organic compost throughout our grounds

Non-recyclable waste - Any items that cannot be recycled inevitably have to be sent for landfill. To minimise the amount produced, we have invested in compaction technology, which in turn reduces the need for skip collection and therefore unnecessary transportation.

Positive conservation efforts - The Company collects rainwater from some of the buildings, and ground water for use within the business. We also support conservation actions through funding and education initiatives locally and internationally, as part of our core activities at Birdworld.

Energy – We have installed large solar panels on the roof of our main garden centre building which generate up to 4kwh of green electricity and therefore reduces our carbon footprint. We also closely monitor our energy with the use of light sensors, timers and thermostats to ensure that we are as energy efficient as possible.

Education – We are proud of the role we play in enabling customers to do their bit for the environment. We stock and promote a wide range of environmentally responsible gardening products such as organic feeds, non chemical pest controls and recycling products. We also actively encourage customers to grow their own herbs, fruit and vegetables to promote healthy organic eating and reduce food miles. We stock a wide range of wild bird and animal care products and a huge selection of insect friendly plants to help everyone support native wildlife in their gardens.  And don’t forget that every single plant is a little fresh air machine, absorbing harmful CO2 and giving out pure clean oxygen.

Community - We supply and maintain a number of beds in Farnham and support Farnham in bloom.  Bringing plants to the heart of the town improves air quality and everyone’s environment. Where possible we use local suppliers to reduce delivery miles and support other local businesses.

Forest Lodge Garden Centre is part of the Haskins family business, which includes Birdworld and Garden Style